Willow Creek “Shifts” Into Low Gear                                           

April, AD 2008


Ok, forget about the long history of doctrinal compromise and ecumenism. Forget about Bill Hybels featuring a Muslim cleric in his pulpit and various faulty seeker sensitive paradigms. Forget about the admission of failure we heard about recently showing from their own research that their penchant for problematic programmatics has resulted in mile wide inch deep non-disciples who don’t have a good grasp on the Word. Never mind the fact that their proposed solution involves further implementation of programs to “fix” everything. To your problems just add problems and hopefully you’ll get… more problems?


Read about all this here:





Just brush aside and downplay the fact that Bill Hybels and Rick Warren signed, along with some emerging church teachers, the recently introduced ecumenical interfaith document entitled  “A Common Word Between Us and You”; evidence of their growing willingness to accommodate Islam! Read all about it and weep:


http://www.newswithviews.com/PaulProctor/proctor137.htm  http://newswithviews.com/PaulProctor/proctor138.htm 




On second thought, don’t ever forget those roots and bad fruits! I want to stir everyone up by way of reminder that these compromises are commonplace in the Willow Creek crowd. These past tragedies are the trail markers that scream loud and clear how they got here! Its high time the Body of Christ learns from this and repents of this direction.


Folks, there need not be much more to be said here but now in the “cats-out-of-bags” category, here comes Willow Creek’s Shift 2008 Conference, http://www.shiftexperience.com/Home.aspx , Showing without a doubt that their new bearings are leading them full steam ahead into emergent mystical waters of dangerous compromise:


Main session speakers include Brian McLaren, Shaine Claiborne, and Mark Yaconelli who  all promote emergent theology or contemplative teachings! http://www.shiftexperience.com/ScheduleSessions.html 


Brian McLaren and Scott McKnight are among those in the breakout sessions: http://www.shiftexperience.com/breakouts.asp


“Thursday Night Experiences” will include Rob Bell’s NOOMA videos: http://www.shiftexperience.com/Experiences.html


Conference resources include Growing Souls: Experiments in Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli,   Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren, and They Like Jesus, But Not the Church by Dan Kimball, among others: http://www.shiftexperience.com/Resources.html


This April, we will all see a new emerging Willow Creek being molded and trained by false teachers who have compromised the faith. Ken Blanchard and unsaved business gurus have mentored many in this type of ministry paradigm with Hybels at the helm, introducing dubious falsehood to the church through past conferences and seminars. It is amazing to me how many people still remain in the WCA and tell others to get into it. Does anybody realize the peril and looming judgment that awaits those who collaborate with the guilty? To WCA churches: Consider the implications as you continue to pay for the perilous “privilege” of being associated with Hybels and WCA.


My heartfelt advice: Get out now! In recent months, I’ve voiced my concerns and been roundly rejected. I’ve been mislabeled an “alarmist”, “elitist” , “troublemaker”, you name it but no matter what is thrown my way in terms of labeling, KNOW THIS! I love you and am concerned for your spiritual well being. I am a fellow Christian worker and brother in the Lord who is sounding a firm but fervent warning like a watchman should: Get out now and take others with you! Stop promoting the WCA and its counterproductive shenanigans. Deception and leavening are vile and scary and ought not to be named among those who claim to follow the true God and the real Jesus.


I make no judgment calls on your personal soul conditions nor do I label this or that person as unsaved or hell bound. But I judge as righteously as I can with the discernment and power of the Holy Spirit in accordance with God’s Holy Word and these ministries and men are found wanting and can only be hindrances rather than helps to the spiritual health of our churches and ministries.


Paul wrote: “ Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them…” Romans 16:17


I believe this warning carries heavy application for today and we ought to be heeding it.


Don’t be deceived! These are the false teachers and false doctrines that we have been warned about and judgment will befall those who continue to listen to and point others to them! With all the love in my heart: TURN BACK!


Preach the Word! Get back to the Bible! Be Vividly Biblical!


A Revolution Will Follow!


In Christ Jesus,


Steve Mitchell powertostand@yahoo.com


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