A tremendous amount of horrifying teachings and false doctrines of demons are running rampant in a large segment of today’s churches. Investigate these articles and learn to discern the Biblical truth as opposed to the “health-and-wealth”, prosperity heresies and “ear-tickling” foolishness that comprise the Word/Faith Movement. Strong words? Heavy charges? Sure but read some of the beliefs of famous Faith teachers and televangelists (in their own words) and discern for yourself using God’s Word as your authority. We trust you will be challenged and moved to stand for Scriptural truth in opposition to many of today’s popular counterfeits.  “Test all things; hold fast to what is good.” (1 Thess. 5:21).

The "Jesus" of the Word/Faith Movement

By Mike Oppenheimer (Let Us Reason Ministries)

In the last days, the Bible warns that many "false christs" will come. Paul warns that some will come into the church teaching "another Jesus" which is a counterfeit of the True Savior. Sadly, judging by the teachings of many in the Word/Faith Movement, it appears that this prophetic promise is coming true today as many are following the bizarre revelations of false teachers. Don't be deceived.


For OurIndia/Asian Friends:

Tangled in the Miracle Net!

By Steven Mitchell ( Power To Stand Ministries)

“The aliens have landed!” By that phrase, I am referring to the foreign invasion that has entered Indian Christianity in the last few years via TV. Read here for a "no apologies" confrontational approach to the inappropriate and outlandishly unbiblical influence that has washed ashore from my country in the form of Word/Faith televangelism. Dear reader, you can't afford not to read this one...


Benny Hinn UNMASKED !

By Phillip Powell, Christian - Witness Ministries

Get ready to read SHOCKING Statements that reveal the true beliefs of the worlds most popular televangelist, How do they compare with the truth of God's Word ? Biblical Christians will have no problems discerning the origins of Hinn's teachings !


For OurIndia/Asian Friends:

Benny Hinn and Dr. Dhinakaran : “To Heaven and Back ?”

By Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries

Yes, Beloved India, it is sad but true. This country's own has officially met and mingled with America's most famous televangelist in an interview that should make the discerning Christian concerned


The Anointing and the Christian

By Bob DeWaay (Critical Issues Commentary)

With so many strange teachings coming from Word-Faith platforms, there is a desperate need for articles like this one. Bob DeWaay has written an excellent analysis, using the Bible to define this subject, rather than the faulty interpretations and distortions prevalent in the writings and sermons of those many consider "anointed" today. This is recommended reading.


Reinhard Bonnke:"Out of Sight, Out of Mind"

By Sandy Simpson (Deception In The Church Ministries) 

It’s a fact! Many believers worldwide love Reinhard. But does Rev. Bonnke love the Truth? Read this revealing article to understand where this man stands in relationship to Biblical Christianity. 


“Slain in the Spirit?”
By Mike Oppenheimer,Let Us Reason Ministries

Powerful encounters with the "Spirit" are common fare in Word of Faith/Counterfeit Revival meetings today. Is there any biblical basis for this phenomenon that is so popular in Charismatic and Pentecostal circles today? If not, where do these practices come from? A hot article about a red-hot issue. Read here to find out more...


Copeland Claims One Billion Muslims Will Be Saved Within Months

By Sandy Simpson (Deception In The Church Ministries)

Kenneth Copeland is one of the most popular Word Faith Prosperity preachers in the Church today. Sadly, his beliefs and teachings place him outside the realm of orthodox, Biblical Christianity. Read some of his outlandishly dangerous false prophecies here. 

Generational Curses

By Bob DeWaay (Critical Issues Commentary)

Read what the Bible says about curses – “Generational” and “in general”. This issue answers the false assumptions and assertions of many in the Word/Faith Movement and the Third Wave. You will be blessed by Bob's treatment of this often misunderstood subject.

With Real Concern For the Third Wave, Word-of-Faith, Signs and Wonders, Laughing Charismatics

By Jacob Prasch (Moriel Ministries)

Here's a heart-felt appeal to any and all within the Charismatic movement to return to viewing Biblical truth as the authority for right doctrine, right worship, and right walking before God. Don’t pass this article up, because it will challenge you to examine yourself to see whether you are in the true faith.